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  • Welcome to Live a Life Worth Living

    homepageAfter creating a popular t-shirt worn by soldiers in Iraq, Chaplain Doug Hedrick launched Life Perspectives LLC in August 2007 to sell the “live a life worth living” apparel line.

    For Chaplain Hedrick, it is more than t-shirts, it is about sharing a positive message that provokes thought and inspires people to take action on the important things in life. According to Doug, the keys to living a life worth living are:

    • Pursuing what you were born to do
    • Making a difference with your life
    • Experiencing the greatness of God
    • Investing in relationships
    • Embracing a winning attitude

    Life Perspectives LLC’s mission is to change the way people think about life by producing products and resources that provoke thought and inspire action. Chaplain Hedrick first introduced this message to soldiers in the heat of battle, inspiring them to make the most of their present reality. Now his vision is to offer it to a world that hungers to live with a clearer mission, greater meaning and a unwavering passion to make a difference with their lives.

    Life Perspectives LLC will dedicate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of their apparel line to financially support organizations who are on the front lines in helping military families. Every hat or t-shirt purchased helps a military family in need.

    “My prayer is that your mind will be stimulated and your heart motivated to begin living a life worth living.” –Chaplain Doug Hedrick

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