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  • About Doug

    dougChaplain Doug Hedrick orchestrated one of the most successful humanitarian operations in Iraq, distributing over 10,000 pairs of shoes for Iraqi children, donated from people around the world.

    Originally from Greencastle Indiana, Doug earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Butler University. He then earned a Masters in Divinity and a Masters of Arts in Management from Regent University. In 1998 he received a commission into the Army as a 1st Lieutenant. At his Chaplain Officer Basic Course, he graduated in the top of his class earning academic and physical honors. Professionally he has worked in banking, fitness, politics, real estate, and most recently pharmaceutical sales. As a gifted presenter and motivator he often speaks at conferences, workshops, and worship services.

    Doug was deployed to Iraq in late 2004 through 2005. It was his year in Iraq that would completely change the course of his life. He became known by the soldiers as the “live a life worth living guy.” During his weekly services he would routinely include this slogan at the end of his talks. What started out as a simple slogan intended to inspire soldiers in carrying out their missions, quickly grew into a powerful tool soldiers were able to use to gain perspective in their darkest hours. After returning home Doug was compelled to continue sharing this message so he formed a company called Life Perspectives LLC. His company continues the mission of sharing the message that first gave hope and inspiration to soldiers in the heat of battle. It’s a message that Doug is passionate about and is committed to share with everyone who desires to have the peace, success and fulfillment that comes when living a life worth living.

    Doug is married to Ally and has three children-Noah, Katelyn and Isabella. His family resides in Indianapolis Indiana.



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