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  • A new day has come


    Posted by Doug in Announcements, Live a Life Worth Living, Making a Difference

    This is my first blog entry for the past several months.  I have wanted to blog more consistently but my busy schedule has caused me to channel my energies elsewhere.  Despite being pulled in many directions, I have been able to attain some of my personal goals.  The first one is being promoted to Major in the United States Army Reservers.  This was achieved back in May 2008.  I have also completed the rigorous requirements to move to the half-way point of earning my black belt.  While this is exciting news I am deeply humbled by the the opportunities I believe the Lord God has placed before me to now begin the push toward spreading the message of living a life worth living.  While many Americans, young and old, live without a clear sense of purpose and meaning on a daily basis, I believe that the time has come for this trend to change.  My hope and prayer is that whoever tunes into this blog will find the hope and inspiration they need to discover what it takes to live with it and will do whatever it takes to never live without it again.

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