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  • Hoosiers helping a Veteran


    Turning bad into good!


    Posted by Doug in Lessons, Live a Life Worth Living, Making a Difference

    I recently heard in the news about a county Sheriff who was found guilty of embezzling department funds to use for personal expenses.  When I heard the name of the Sheriff, I was surprised to hear it was someone I knew from high school.  There is little doubt that this will most likely result in the end of […]

    A new day has come


    Posted by Doug in Announcements, Live a Life Worth Living, Making a Difference

    This is my first blog entry for the past several months.  I have wanted to blog more consistently but my busy schedule has caused me to channel my energies elsewhere.  Despite being pulled in many directions, I have been able to attain some of my personal goals.  The first one is being promoted to Major in the United States Army […]

    Youth Apparel Coming Soon


    Posted by Doug in Announcements, Live a Life Worth Living

    I have some exciting news.  Because I have had a strong interest in “live a life worth living” apparel for kids, I have decided to bump up my production schedule and make them available beginning in March.  I will make them available under my online store tab.  If you have any recommendations on other pieces of apparel you would like to […]

    Living successfully with ALS


    Posted by Doug in embracing a winning attitude, Live a Life Worth Living

    “The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their state of mind”—William James I cannot imagine being diagnosed with a disease that would one day cause me to not be able to walk, talk or even breathe on my own. This happened to a good friend of […]

    Welcome to Doug’s Blog!


    Posted by Doug in Live a Life Worth Living

    Welcome to the Live a Life Worth Living Blog! Please check back, as we will be adding content soon.


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