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  • Hoosiers helping a Veteran


    Posted by Doug in Live a Life Worth Living, Making a Difference

    Habitat for Humanity Veteran's Build Proud Recipient

    Proud Receipient of New Home

    I recently visited a worksite where a young mother was all smiles as she worked diligently to help complete the construction of her home.  Alongside her has been many volunteers who have been working tirelessly for the last several weeks to complete the construction of Habitat for Humanity’s Veterans Build 2008.  She is a Veteran who had applied nearly two years ago and now her dreams of owning her own home is coming true.  I went by so I could see the progress and learn a little more about how I could get involved.  Apparently there will another Veteran’s build in the Spring of 2009 which I hope (Lord willing) to be major contributor in seeing this project become a reality.  It will take $70,000 to complete the next build. 

    Jesus said concerning his disciples, the world will know who you are “by your fruit,” or said another way by how you live and what you do with your life.  I have committed my life to show the love of Christ to the military community.  The opportunity to help a fellow veteran own their own home is exciting and gives me an opportunity to make difference.  This is what every person should strive to do.  It doesn’t take alot of time or alot of money necessarily, it just takes being aware of your surroundings and looking for opportunites as they come your way. The first step is being willing.

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    1. livealifeworthliving October 14, 2008
      @ 3:58 am

      I am behind this all the way. It is great you are taking such a strong interest in supporting our military. Thanks.

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